Featured Artists

In order of appearance, from the most recent:

Joe Goddard, musician

Kashif Nadim Chaudry, contemporary art.

Mystic Forms by Akiko Ban – Jewellery design

Bark by Miwako Yoshioka – Jewellery design

Place in print – design

Paper and Wood (aka Zack Mclaughlin) – wood and metal sculpture

Pen and Gravy – ceramics

Ray Stanbrook – design

Pippo Pattavina – sculpture

Rebecca Harris – scientist and artist

Alice White – painting

Nataniel Moiane – painting

Katherine Elizabeth – millinery

Loraine Rutt – ceramics and cartography

Lorna Milburn – photography

Vic Lee – illustration

Izumi Omori – painting

Nicholas Merton – painting

Rob Morgan – painting

Micheen Bradley- ceramics

Judith Robertson – linocut prints

Fiona Banner – sculpture

Craig Wood – sculpture

Yeondoo Jung – photography

Borgeouis and Maurice – music and cabaret

Paul Marks – painting

Henrietta Loades-Carter- drawing

Karl Bielik – painting

Susan West – painting

Michael Landy – installation

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