How to make your own fascinator – in 5 steps!

Whether you have a fancy dress party or a wedding, making your own fascinator can be a lot of fun. You’ll have a piece that will perfectly match your outfit (as you are choosing the materials) and it will be a great talking point. Don’t get me wrong though, a professionally-made hat, skillfully crafted by… Continue reading How to make your own fascinator – in 5 steps!

Portrait Photography in Action – An Interview with Lorna Milburn

I know many photographers, most of them very talented, but I know one photographer who is able to make me feel completely relaxed in front of her camera: Lorna Milburn. She comes from a fine art background and has a rare sensitivity for people’s moods and feelings. I simply love her work, she is able… Continue reading Portrait Photography in Action – An Interview with Lorna Milburn

Hats & Feathers


I was very critical of iPad drawings, you should have heard me talking after Hockney’s exhibition. But now that I’ve had a chance to experience the potential, I must say it’s pretty cool! I would not go as far as saying that it can ever replace the feeling of pastels on paper or paint on canvas, but it definitely has its advantages. For starters, the effects are pretty realistic, in this drawing I have used paint and pastels, shame you can’t really mix the colours together, but I’m sure that day is not too far. The other great thing is being able to ‘undo’ your last few moves, a very digital concept for sure, but handy nonetheless. Although I am not entirely sold to the idea of digital painting, I can definitely play with it, and I have really enjoyed coming up with this illustration.
Tomorrow I’m going to learn some real canvas stretching from a real painter, so more news to come!


This is what I like of my new life South of the River: nature (slugs included), quirky shops, neighbours smiling at me and vintage fashion fairs! When you spend too long in NW you start forgetting why you came to London in the first place, you get sort of comfortable and start thinking that nobody… Continue reading SE