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How did you make it? What gets you inspired? How do you feed your creative process?

Ubercrafts explores the creative journey and everything that comes with it: the vision, the research, the planning, the serendipitous discovery, the action list, whatever it takes to make things happen. Expect to be inspired to try something new!

About me

IMG_5540Hello, I’m Roberta Cucuzza. I am a creative and a businesswoman (the two not being mutually exclusive!), based in London. I like to experiment with various mediums like drawing, linocut and collage, but more recently I discovered a real passion for millinery (check out my hats here!).

I also work as a Product Manager for a tech startup, a profession that I am finding to be incredibly creative within a business context.

I have been running this site since 2009, initially taking the form of an arts and crafts blog, but more recently I realised that it wasn’t just the artistic side of creation that interested me. Here I want to share other aspects of creativity that relate to business, entrepreneurship, technology, or even just the simple art of living a full life.

Contact Me

I am always interested in hearing from fellow peeps who are addicted to learning and making stuff (or buying my hats!). Please leave a comment, or see what I’m up to on Instagram. and Twitter.

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