I have lost count of the number of times I have listened to a song called ‘Children‘ produced by Joe Goddard, from his album Electric Lines.

It was thrown at me by Spotify in one of my discover weekly, and I have been hooked to it since. There is something mesmerising about this song, it somehow resonates with the deepest feelings of hope, anxiety, excitement, desperation, sadness and joy that I have been bottling up for months.

Sometimes I imagine Joe Goddard composing this piece and I wonder what was going through his head. Where did it all come from, how did he decide to put what where?

It starts with a very gentle intro that reminds me of the beautiful piano soundscapes of Philip Glass, very ethereal but soon growing into a crescendo of sounds, voices and effects that bring a sense of eeriness. This is where I start feeling a growing bundle of expectations for the future, an emotional rush mixed with nostalgia for what could have been.

Mid-song, it all opens up into a breathtaking willingness to achieve, do, dream and hope, a dancefloor-hitting, head-bopping sea of bass and sound. Here I let go completely of any worry, I don’t care of the consequences, I breathe in my own dreams and exhale joy.

A rough and nasty bass then takes over, creating a sense of uneasiness, uncertainty, exactly tuning into some of my deepest fears. The decisions I can’t take, the things that I cannot control, the mind wondering over what might come next, how are we going to end up? Is this forever, and what does forever mean?

It all ends well though, it all closes with an harmonious blend of sweet sounds that flow into a peaceful landscape, a fruit of the struggles and hopes coming together, just to start again from where it began.

A cathartic end that keeps me coming back for more.

If you, like me, enjoy learning what’s behind the scenes, Joe Goddard has posted this beautifully animated journey of what inspired him to create this album.

Till next time!


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