Next week my office will be hosting ‘learn and be well week’, a really lovely initiative where any members of staff  volunteer to host a workshop or share a craft with their colleagues. The programme is packed with fantastic activities, with some people offering yoga lessons, massage, car maintenance skills, meditation…the list goes on.

So I decided to brush the dust on my sewing kit and offer a millinery class. I’m very curious to see what gorgeous hats will be born on the day and what people will make of their new skills. I’m also really excited because this means that I have no excuses, I just gotta get out there and be creative.

So here I am, on a sunny autumn afternoon, surrounded by lace, felt, sinamay, buttons, threads, elastic and any other trim I could find. I only started this because I wanted to prepare some trimmings in sinamay ahead of the class, but it all turned into a very serendipitous afternoon. One piece of sinamay folded one way, a piece of lace added, a few trips to the mirror and back, a button added and removed, a pearl to balance the weight…three hours later I finished with two gorgeous hats that came out of nowhere. I’m sure they’ll work well as examples of what you can create in just a few hours.

Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

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