Made in Clerkenwell

I’m fresh from a visit to Craft Central Studios, for their bi-annual open studios event Made in Clerkenwell. I’ve been there before (remember my post about Katherine Elizabeth Millinery?), and I really love their location at the heart of Clerkenwell in London. I find St. John’s Square, and St John’s Gate, a beautiful historical haven right in the middle of the city. ANYWAY. Back to Craft Central.

I went around most of the studios on all of the 5 floors of the building, sure to find a gem. Luckily I found two! Funnily enough they are both Japanese-born artists living in London, and with a fine arts background.

First I stumbled upon Miwako Yoshioka, founder and creator of Bark, a jewellery brand with a definite playful style. I was instantly drawn to these adorable circus-horse necklaces, and the rest of this year’s collection is just as charming:


The other designer that caught my attention was Akiko Ban, founder of Mystic Forms. I really enjoyed talking to Akiko about her fine arts background and how she recently moved into designing jewellery with the intent of making art wearable. She takes inspiration from ancient art, and translates these forms into attractive and modern pieces, made with hand-crafted perspex:


Before I left, I made sure I paid a visit to my favourite artists at Craft Central: Vic Lee, and Katherine Elizabeth. Their studios are always worth a visit.

Till the next crafty event!


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