Crafty men, pulling faces, and cool hangouts in SE London

I always find it hard to decide how to entertain guests visiting me in London, mainly because these days my life in the city is limited to the office commute, and back. I love my local hangouts, trips outside of London, hunting for some antiques, gardening and the occasional craft workshop. Ok, ok, it’s not all so flat, I DO have tickets for the next SECRET CINEMA but my guests usually don’t speak much English and they won’t understand why I want to pay 75 quid to watch Star Wars….but that’s an entirely separate blog post!

Well, this time I did some prep work and the long weekend with my Italian cousins was really awesome, and stress free.

Friday night

On Friday night we went to the Truman Brewery for a craft market called Manmade, organised by the awesome guys at Crafty Fox Market. The event wanted to highlight male-makers and I discovered some real gems:


The last two shots are items that we actually bought. The Catford print is by Place in print, and the the little wire birdie is made by Paper and Wood (aka Zack Mclaughlin)…. I simply could not resist its cuteness!

The ceramics are by Pen and Gravy, and the Peckham cushion by Ray Stanbrook, worth checking them out.

A few £££ later, we moved on to have dinner, and then did a graffiti tour around Shoreditch. I love how things change continuosly in London, you don’t visit an area for a few months and new things pop up like mushrooms, I was amused:




Next day was antiques-hunting in Whitstable, followed by an aperitive at Frank’s in Peckham, and dinner and dancing at Model Market in Lewisham.

I hadn’t been to Frank’s for a long time, and I must say that it’s still a great place for a drink and some people watching. The crowd is a bit on the young side, but there were other people ‘like us’ up there. Model Market’s crowd is more mature, maybe because of the combination of a vinyl-only dj booth with the gourmet food stalls. Whatever the reason, it’s a hidden little gem.

I love having these venues on my doorstep, and my guests were pretty impressed too. Who needs the Shard when you can watch the sunset from a carpark in Peckham?


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