Forays into teaching: infographics, fascinators…yoga next?

May has been an incredible month, busy and stressful at times, but also full of new experiences and excitement. To cut a long story short, I ran my first ever webinar, and also taught a group of 19 excited hens how to make their own fascinators.

On both occasions I was surprised at how calm and happy I felt, it was good to feel I could pass on some of my knowledge to other people so they could go away and do their own thing. Yes, teaching feels really rewarding. 

The webinar was work-related and about infographics, something that has become a bit of a pet project for me. Working in a traditional field like scientific publishing, I must have looked a bit ‘wild’ when I first suggested using infographics to promote our academic journals…two years and many infographics later, they asked me to run a whole webinar about it! 

The whole process took nearly three months to organise, but it was over in a flash! 


Moving to the realm of millinery…a few weeks ago I gave up a much beloved Saturday afternoon to teach a fun group of women about fascinators, assisting an established milliner. It’s amazing how quickly everyone picked up the skills and started creating really interesting pieces. 

My favourite was this one with a little bird on it:

And this was Petra, the teacher from Millinery House Events that I assisted. 


Considering that next week I have to go through a selection process to enter a 2-year Iyengar yoga teacher training course, these were both very timely things to do. I dream of the day I will help someone get rid of their back pain or simply feel as light as a feather after a good yoga class.

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