First steps in linocut illustration

It has been love at first sight, me and linocut, linocut and me. I walked out of the shop with my, not so cheap, starter’s kit and started brainstorming ideas on the way home. To familiarise myself with the tools I needed something simple, so I started off with a lemon.

A couple of cuts later, I realised I needed to cut AWAY from myself, and that I didn’t need to apply so much pressure! Linoleum is quite soft and it’s incredible how much detail you can carve out of it. I spent the rest of the evening watching some YouTube videos and realised how much more I could do! I did some research for images with a strong contrast and came across this cute little bird, which is now drying in my studio:


Not bad for two days’ work, eh? I can see myself spending many more Sunday afternoons this way.

3 thoughts on “First steps in linocut illustration

  1. I can’t believe it 🙂 – I am writing a piece on me and Barcelona at the moment for my course and it starts with “It was love at first sight, me and Barcelona” :)))


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