Brides, Burlesque and Bluegrass

At last! Blogging again. Not that I think anyone has particularly missed my posts, but I have missed writing, a lot. I’ve been going around with ideas in my head that I just wanted to put out there. Why so difficult? Fortunately, I have good excuses, and they are nice too! First, I got a new exciting job for a really cool publisher, which meant handing over my notice, wrapping things up in the old place and preparing for my first week in the new place. As if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, my other half took me to Venice and proposed on top of the bell tower in San Marco’s square! So now I have a lovely Sicilian wedding to plan.


Needless to say, I immediately started researching wedding dresses, decorations and SHOES! Have a look at my Pinterest board if you’re curious to see what I’ve been up to.

In between changing jobs and planning the wedding, I managed to go to one of the events at the London Burlesque Festival, which was a feast for my eyes, inspiring and entertaining. I saw so many gorgeous tattoos that I briefly toyed with the idea of getting a massive orchid on my left shoulder…but then I remembered how painful my first tattoo was. The night was called Varie-tease and was hosted by the gorgeous Ivy Paige. The acts were all very different (especially the tattoos) and there was just enough tassel-twirling to make you blush, without making you hide under your chair. Bags of sense of humour accompanied the whole thing of course. My favourite act of that night was Lou on the Rocks. She opened her show with a beautiful oriental dance with red fans, she had the most spontaneous and captivating smile, a cheerful Bettie Page of modern times.

Another two stimulating experiences that happened in the past month involved dressing up on my part. A Mistery Murder dinner (Murder Mistery? I can never remember, I am a spoonerist), and an extravagant night of life drawing at Cafe’ Cairo, where I had to: 1) dress up 2) draw models whilst they were being body-painted, all with a gorgeous 1930’s musical background. Here’s one of the drawings of that night:

body painting life drawing

May didn’t want to be over so easily, so I finished up this exciting month with a trip to Cornwall. Amongst family visits to show my ring, we went to a Sunday charity event in aid of an animal sanctuary, where there was the cutest country band ever! Banjos, mandolins, a voice quartet singing (very nicely) bluegrass tunes I’d never heard before, that I liked instantly. Flats & Sharps, poor guys, had to play in front of a lazy audience of old pensioners and young families, surrounded by mischievous geese and kids rolling around in cow poo. At least it was all in context!


May has been a great month, here’s to a June with even more energy!

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