A Bit of Cabaret

Every so often my eyes need to take in some pretty and inspirational sights, anything as simple as pictures, flowers, landscapes or people will do, as long as I like them that is. So I got two tickets to see Borgeouis and Maurice at Bistroteque.

The venue is something you would not expect to be in the area. Hidden in a loading bay, in a deserted industrial street off Cambridge Heath’s high street, getting there involves walking in a pretty frock and heels past some dubious individuals along the road (and a strip club too). Although we did not book dinner there, we will do next time as the restaurant was very inviting (courteous staff too). The bar menu offered interesting cocktails, served in a dim-lighted, very romantic room. The theatre room was small and cosy, with the stage practically on top of the audience. We sat with a couple of friendly strangers at a small table, squashed between other friendly people, sipping prosecco with us.

B&M came on stage around 9 and opened the show explaining how they supposedly electrocuted their parents by accident when they were little. They have a rather intriguing dark side to their show, which also comes out in the choice of their costumes. Maurice’s makeup reminded me of the alien in Mars Attack! whilst Borgeouis looked a tad scary in his pink polka-dots all-in-one suit (my friend liked the hairy costume best).

They write all their songs, Maurice at the piano and Borgeouis singing, often with a very political but light-hearted note. My favourite one was ‘Tax Me’, an analysis of the current political landscape with a bit of S&M…perfect!

What else? Expect a few raids into the audience, short music videos and very, very good singing.

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