A New Gallery?

Giving that I was with the people I most love, it was already a winning day. My friend ventured down to Peckham from zone 6 in North-West London just to spend the afternoon with me and nose around my newfound treasures here in SE5. There was a jumble sale event at the New Gallery on the Peckham Road, just two doors down from the estate where they shot a 17 years old boy some weeks ago…yes, but did not the same happen in Hackney and even in Shoreditch in the old days before it was cool to live there? Things have to start from somewhere and it takes brave people to improve things. I was happy that I got a chance to speak to the owner Ben Sassoon, who also owns the Bar Story and the adjacent Sassoon Gallery. It’s all nearby, not far from the CLF Art Café in the Bussey building and The Sunday Painter.

The New Gallery itself has an interesting programme of events including films, ping pong,  live bands and cabaret. The space is nice and for this occasion it was hosting a good number of stalls, mainly vintage but with an Etsy twist. There were also knitting workshops, an illustration booth and DJs, so we came out with a few nice items of jewelry and a portrait of the two of us.

In theory, we then wanted to move onto the exhibition ‘The Art of Failure’ at the Son Gallery, but hunger won so we joined the rest of the party at the Victoria Inn for a snack and a game at table football (it doesn’t really finish here, as we continued on the Lordship lane for cocktails at the Black Cherry, dinner and wine tasting at Green & Blue, finishing off with more cocktails and a boogie at Liquorish Bar).

Not bad for a night out locally!

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