This is what I like of my new life South of the River: nature (slugs included), quirky shops, neighbours smiling at me and vintage fashion fairs!

When you spend too long in NW you start forgetting why you came to London in the first place, you get sort of comfortable and start thinking that nobody knows their neighbours in this city anyway. Not true! Oh how much I’ve loved the home-grown, hand-picked tomatoes and green beans that John has passed me through the window for the whole summer! Knowing your neighbours and getting free food? In London?

Food apart, now that I’ve started settling in, my discovery of this scary place (not too far from scary Peckham) has yielded more fruits: The Victoria Inn (this might need a separate post, so you better read the Time Out review), The Black Cherry for cocktail lovers, ED Warehouse, the fun-tastic life-drawing classes by On Form (aka Alice White) in the basement of The Review bookshop (when the Peckham literary festival is not on!).

Want more? Come to visit me, it’s too long to write. And no, they didn’t pay me to write this!

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