Terrace Studios

Finally I get a chance to blog about this event, the opening of the garden exhibition at Terrace Studios in Dalston on 25th Sept. The main idea behind this yearly event is to leave all exhibits outdoors to be slowly deteriorated by the elements, which I find rather poetic….but hey, everything is still for sale of course! Karl Bielik, the curator and organiser has himself contributed a painting which has survived three long winters and still looks pretty healthy.

The other pieces, about 80 probably, range from stone carvings to moulds, t-shirts, murals, faded photographs, and pages torn from sketchbooks (including mine). It was freezing though, so I spent most of the time chatting near the barbecue nursing a glass of wine until we decided to continue at the Duke of Wellington nearby. Most of all, it was a great networking event, plus I got a chance to win a game at pool. Brilliant, next year I’ll submit a more substantial piece and wear a more substantial coat.

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