London Lives – Bankside Gallery

On Sunday I headed to the Bankside Gallery to catch the last day of the London Lives exhibition, featuring a wonderful collection of works inspired by life in London. I must have spent a couple of hours closely analysing each piece, which made me pick this beautiful painting by Susan West as my prize winner! I love the freedom in the picture, the use of colours and the perspective.

Apart from enjoying the exhibition, I loved my first visit to this gallery. In seven years of walking across the Thames I had never come across it before (always busy looking at the river and passers-by), it’s very peaceful compared to the very busy Tate Modern next door, so if you fancy a bit of art, peace and quiet on a Sunday afternoon, I strongly recommend it. Ok, there was still a guy speaking loud on his phone in the middle of the room for about 45 minutes (one of those who say ‘I’m gonna go now mate’ and then start a new conversation every 5 minutes), but hey this is what happens in London with such a mixture of characters! So I guess the guy really fitted in the theme of the exhibition (maybe he was a live installation?)

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